South Jamaica Reads - Neighborhood Literacy Initiative

We’re proud to be part of a Neighborhood Literacy Initiative in South Jamaica Queens.  The Initiative is a comprehensive community-based pilot program designed to serve more than 3,000 children and their families and to help them build a platform of strong literacy skills.

Funded by The Pinkerton Foundation, the initiative focuses on two neighborhoods with a history of literacy challenges. It aims at building on existing programs and creating additional services in order to provide a continuum of literacy support for Queens families. We are one of ten literacy organizations who are working together through this initiative to help low-income children make progress toward reading on grade level by third grade and to sustain literacy success through elementary school and beyond.

Download the press release from the Pinkerton Foundation

South Jamaica Reads


City's First Readers - NYC Early Childhood Literacy Initiative

Reach Out and Read of Greater New York is one of eight organizations that make up City’s First Readers, a city-wide early literacy initiative, sponsored by New York City Council.  The goal of the initiative is to foster literacy development in children in New York City through a network of supports, starting with a child’s earliest doctor visits and extending throughout the community to provide families with a steady stream of guidance, parenting workshops and resources to raise their babies into tomorrow’s competent and enthusiastic readers.

The eight organizations receiving funding to implement the Early Childhood Literacy Initiative include: Brooklyn Public Library, Jumpstart for Young Children, Literacy Inc. (LINC), New York Public Library, Parent-Child Home Program, Queens Library, Reach Out and Read of Greater New York, Video Interaction Project.

Visit City’s First Readers website.


Leyendo Juntos

Leyendo Juntos was created to develop linguistically-appropriate training and materials for Reach Out and Read providers who serve Spanish-speaking families.  The initiative includes online medical provider training and materials for Spanish-speaking providers, volunteers, and parents.  In addition, video training is available for medical providers and volunteers, filmed at Children of Bellevue’s Reach Out and Read program in New York City.  In the Greater New York region, we provide program sites with Spanish/bilingual children’s books appropriate for the each developmental stage from 6 months through 5 years old.

Read the Leyendo Juntos Guide for Medical Providers

View the videos:

Leyendo Juntos: Part One – Reach Out and Read Overview

Leyendo Juntos: Part Two – ROR for Spanish-speaking families (below)

Leyendo Juntos: Part Three – Reach Out and Read in the Waiting Room

Leyendo Juntos: Part Four – Cariño

Leyendo Juntos: Reading Tips for Volunteers

Watch: Part Two – Reach Out and Read for Spanish-speaking Families

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